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Improves the tree’s appearance while promoting new and healthy growth. Thinning also decreases 
the amount of excess weight, allowing more wind to pass through the tree. This prevents strong 
winds from creating dangerous hazards.

Limbing and Raising
Provides clearance for walkways and buildings, removing specific branches to create a safe view or design.

Ornamental Pruning
Maintains the unique beauty of your prized trees. We recommend ornamental pruning for 
smaller patio trees such as Japanese Maples.

Pest Control
Tick and mosquito prevention! Organic options are available.

Storm & Disaster Cleanup
Our experience working with Insurance Companies will allow us to help you through the process.

Emergency Service
Call day or night for emergencies.

If you believe your landscape could use a professional arborist’s touch, contact B&M Tree Service, LLC located near Hartford, CT.